This is a place for people of all faiths to discuss some of my rantings and ramblings.  In the book of Acts, Paul stood up at Mars’ Hill to address the Athenians.  This is the place where people came to discuss all matters.  There are a number of Pastors and other religious leaders who read this site.  There are also numerous lay people.  My desire is to hear from each person.  I want to know how different people read the scriptures I present.  I want to know both the agreements and disagreements with what I write.

If you like what you read, feel free to share it using the buttons on the sight.  You can share it out through email, and various social media sights.  I’d like to get as wide a variety of readers as I can.  Hopefully, this will translate to a large variety of thoughts from diverse people.  Since I have started this blog, people from at least 30 countries (besides the United States) have viewed it.

Feel free to read other people’s comments, and to comment back to them.  I would love to see a virtual discussion take place.


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