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Urgent Prayer Request

I have some very good friends who were approaching the final weeks of pregnancy.  Yesterday, July 13, the doctor decided that a C-Section was necessary to deliver this child early as he was not receiving proper nourishment. Now that their son has been born, my friends are facing many new challenges as his health continues to be a struggle.

One thing I know for sure is that we serve a mighty God who cares for His children.  He listens to our prayers, and is compassionate toward us.  Nothing is to big for Him.  Nothing is to difficult.  Nothing is impossible.  Our God has been healing human ever since sickness has existed, and I fully believe that He will continue to do so.

The family reports that this baby:

 “is currently on a breathing tube and many other tubes that are helping the doctors give him oxygen and glucose to strengthen him. 

He needs praise and prayer for healing of his lungs and heart.  Both are very important to his health and healing. He also needs a good report on his chromosome test.  

There is of course more to all of this but that is the simplest way to explain what we know for sure he needs healed.”

Of course, please pray for the parents as well for both the emotional and the physical stresses, especially on the mother.

Thank you all.


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