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The Power of Prayer

Since being in the hospital, I have had a ton of people praying for me.  Last night, I decided to post my prayer request to this blog.  I was overwhelmed at the amount of visitors I had to the blog site in less than 3 hours.  On a good week, I’ll have between 15 and 20 visitors.  Last night, I had 40 visitors between 9:30 an midnight my time.  This morning, I added another 21.  None of these numbers include those of you who follow the blog, which potentially adds another 35 readers.  Thank you all for your support, and prayers.

This morning, I am happy to report, NO DIZZINESS!!!  Because of this, my Neurologist believes that this was a viral infection, not MS.  He also believes that the steroids he gave yesterday is what cleared this all up.  Well, I believe that in was cleared up because our God answers prayers.  The Neuro also said that he didn’t see any reason to keep me here.  I am now just waiting for all the discharge paperwork to be completed, then I’m going to Starbucks!

Again, thank you all for the love, support, and most importantly, the prayers.  Please keep the prayers coming.


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