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Prayer Request

The 18 months between June 2006 and Dec 2007, I was hospitalized 3 separate times for my MS.  I have not been in the hospital since (almost 8 years).  This past Sunday, I went to the ER for dizziness.  My ER trip turned into an overnight, which turned out to be “the first night”.  The doctors are trying to determine if this is an MS flare up, or an infection.  More and more, it looks to be MS.

Please keep me in prayer:

  1. That I make a speedy recovery.
  2. That there will be no lingering effects.
  3. That my wife would be strengthened.
  4. That the doctors can quickly determine what this is, and Sears a specific treatment

I’m sure I have more requests dealing with this, but that’s good for now.

Thank you all so much.


3 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. May the angels of healing surround you, may doctors and nurses see clearly, diagnose correctly, and apply their knowledge effectively, and my the Lord restore you completely, without lingering effects. Blessings on you and Kyla in the days ahead. Please keep us posted. I’ve called Jonah and will also let Bryce know. Two powerful prayer warriors.


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