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Hill Country Youth Ranch

This is a totally different blog entry than I usually publish.

The Hill Country Youth Ranch is located in Ingram, TX with an additional campus in Leakey, TX.  This organization houses abused/abandoned children.  This is an awesome ministry.  You can read more about them on their website.

This ministry holds a special place in my heart.  When I heard about the fundraiser that Bryce Gaudian is putting on, I wanted to spread the word through this blog.  Please read the write up that Bryce has put out about this fundraiser (below).  Please keep him and this fundraiser in your prayers throughout this month.  If you are able to, or if you feel led, please donate to this effort.


2015 Fundraising Effort – HILL COUNTRY YOUTH RANCH

I first became aware of Hill Country Youth Ranch (HCYR) last year in January. A visit several months later led to my knowing with absolute certainty this nonprofit organization was truly an epicenter of compassion. At both their ranches (outside Leakey and Ingram, Texas), children who have suffered inconceivable evil, abuse, trauma, and abandonment are having genuine love and care poured deep into the roots of their very being, and they are experiencing redeeming wholeness.

Last September, I hiked 49-miles in the Grand Canyon to raise significant funds for outdoor projects at both ranches. Extremely generous donors from across the world came alongside my effort. 100% of the $52,000 raised went to the outdoor projects promised to be built. Zero administrative costs were subtracted!!! Six months after my Grand Canyon hike, all the projects were built and/or enhanced as promised. The children have benefited tremendously in receiving a new dirt bike track, long jump pit at their track, completion of their 5K cross country course, and amazingly beautiful trail expansion and enhancements.

I visited both of HCYR’s ranches this April, and met the Founder, Gary Priour, his family, staff, and all the children. The experience was monumental and profound. I witnessed, first-hand, manifold joy and saw the fruit of true healing in these precious kid’s lives.  I participated in all 4 projects with the kids!!!! Oh how they love these new outdoor opportunities. The inspiration and encouragement of so many people who they have never met, caring for them by so lovingly donating the funds for all this, has been epic.

Once a year, I do a major fundraiser to try to make a difference. More remains to be done at both ranches to enrich these children’s lives. I am compelled to ask you to please come alongside my 2015 effort, again for these children. The promise has been made that 100% of the funds raised will go towards the projects/needs. As the money comes in to support each project, they will be started and completed. Gary and his staff have identified projects/needs totaling $70,000. Will you please help me reach this incredibly HIGH goal?

My venue for this HIGHEST fundraising goal I have ever had is therefore as fitting as it gets. I will be Ultra-Hiking a total of 35 miles in Sequoia National Park, amongst some of the HIGHEST trees on the planet. Can you even fathom the conditions these trees have persevered and endured through during their lifetimes to reach such heights? Their roots have held them, and they have reached for the very sky. My goal is Two Thousand dollars for each of the 35 miles, totaling the $70,000 needed.

I cannot even fathom what the children being cared for at both ranches have had to persevere through and endure prior to coming to their new safe and loving home. Here the roots of their lives are tended so they can thrive and have the HIGHEST hope for a new life filled with promise.

Upon request (e-mail me at:, I am happy to provide a complete list of the project/item needs and costs which are so hoped for by the ranches to become reality. Oh how I would love to see all of the funding come in! They are tremendously important and worthy things to further bless these kid’s lives. With everyone’s help, we can truly make an astronomical difference in children’s lives.

My Ultra-Hike amongst the Sequoia’s is this summer. I’d be so thankful if you would help!  I’d appreciate if you would send support by the end of June, or the early part of July.

Please make check payable to: Hill Country Youth Ranch

Mail to me at: Bryce Gaudian, 21992 810th Avenue, Hayward MN 56043

As always, I promise a complete post-event play-by-play account of the experience and follow-up of how the funds were used.  I will be tremendously honored and grateful to have your support!


One thought on “Hill Country Youth Ranch

  1. Just an update:

    Bryce Gaudian from Hayward, Minnesota, is coming down the home stretch of a truly epic fundraising effort to try to help abused, abandoned, and extremely traumatized children having their lives restored at Hill Country Youth Ranch in Ingram and Big Springs Ranch for Children in Leakey, TX. 100% of the money raised is going to 9 specific projects/enhancements at the ranches. Bryce’s fundraising goal of $70,000.00 will completely cover these needs. As of this morning, the amount raised stands at $61,004.95!! Literally Hundreds of people from one end of the country to the other have responded and generously given to his HIGHEST fundraising goal ever. 2 weeks from today, his plan is a 35-mile Ultra-Hike in Sequoia National Park amidst some of the HIGHEST trees on our planet and in the mountain HEIGHTS – trying to help the kids at these ranches have the roots of their lives continue to be tended so they can have the HIGHEST hope for a new life filled with promise.

    We are reaching out to friends in our networks to see if perhaps you are inspired to help this goal be met within the next 2 weeks, and have your money go towards extremely valuable and exceedingly positive work. There is an on-line option to give through should you feel lead to come alongside this effort Bryce is pouring his heart into:

    To make an online donation, go to the Hill Country Youth Ranch web-site, and click on “Donate” on the lower part of the Home page. Follow that link to the page with “Donate by Credit Card” in the title. That takes you straight to the page for Hill Country Youth Ranch. Please make sure you mark “Ultra-Hike” as the project.

    Thank you so much for considering this heartfelt request,

    P.S. If you want to donate by mail, there’s still time, and you can write the check out to Hill Country Youth Ranch, and mail to: Hill Country Youth Ranch, Attn: Gary Priour, P.O. Box 67, Ingram TX 78025 (Please put “Ultra-Hike” on Memo Line)


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