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Running to Jesus

My wife and I do not have any kids, but we just finished a two week tour of duty babysitting our good friends’ kids (ages 5 and 9).  This is why the BLOG has not been posted in a while!

As I pondered what I wanted to write about, there was a certain scripture that just kept nudging me.  At the same time, there were several issues that I wanted to write about, but I will save most of them for another time.  I really considered writing about the suicide of Robin Williams, but I think that the views I would express were given in a much more thoughtful manner in Matt Walsh’s BLOG.  I was a little surprised, but not shocked to hear of the backlash he received from it, as published in The Blaze.


Anyway, on to Mars Hill:

“As soon as all the people saw Jesus, they were overwhelmed with wonder and ran to greet him.” (Mark 9:15, TNIV).

I see a couple key phrases in this verse that make it so meaningful to me.  First, the crowd was “overwhelmed with wonder.”  Different translations have interpreted this phrase in various ways, “greatly amazed”, “overcome with awe”, “admiring excitement stirred them”, etc.  It makes me think, when was the last time I was overcome with awe or overwhelmed with wonder about anything?  I have to question what “wonder” really means.  The dictionary offers this definition; “to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe; marvel.”  This is the way we should feel anytime we encounter Jesus, we should be overwhelmed, or overcome with admiration, amazement and awe.  We should be filled with marvel.

The second phrase I notice is the crowd “ran to greet him.”  They didn’t take their sweet time and lazily stroll across the meadow.  No, they ran to greet him.  What is incredibly important to me is that these people saw Jesus, they were overcome with wonder, and then they ran to Jesus.  Why did they run to Him?  My thought is that the moment was so important to them, that they didn’t want to miss a single second of it.  That’s how important Jesus needs to be to us, that we don’t want to miss a single second of our lives with Him.

This scripture tells us that “As soon as all the people saw Jesus,” they reacted.  This doesn’t say that they finished doing what they were in the process of doing at the time, but they saw Jesus, were overcome with wonder and ran to Him, immediately.  How do I know it was immediate?  The scripture says “As soon as.”

Earlier, I mentioned that this should be our reaction when we encounter Jesus.  Our encounters with Jesus should be more often than they are.  Our scripture starts off “As soon as all the people saw Jesus.”  We should be seeing Him in everyday things.  Every time we see a beautiful sunset or landscape, and remark that it is, we should also know that we’ve just seen Jesus.  We have a great opportunity to thank Him for his creation, and for making beautiful things.  Those are just a couple of example of how we can see Christ in everyday things, and rejoice that He created such a world to share with us.  This scripture tells us what our reaction should be, “As soon as all the people saw Jesus, they were overwhelmed with wonder and ran to greet him.”

Please be sure to leave your comments.  I enjoy reading them, and learn from them, too.  That’s what this forum is supposed to be, people discussing topics, and learning from each other.


2 thoughts on “Running to Jesus

  1. In contrast, Jesus’ hometown didn’t recognize he was the Christ, so I doubt they ran to him. Interesting how responses can be so different. I definitely want to be a runner. .. Thanks, Todd for writing!


    1. Thanks, Jill! I agree, Nazareth probably would not have run to Jesus, at least not “overcome with wonder”! They might have run to him filled with hate. It seems like most people either run to Jesus filled with wonder, filled with hate, or run from Him. Thanks for that insight.


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