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To the Glory of God

I am quite often amazed at the ease at which we use phrases such as “Jesus, You are my King!” and “I serve you with all my heart!” These are definitely emotional ideas, and ideal thoughts. We should all aspire to make Him our king, and to serve Him completely. However, are these just words that we say or are they thoughts and actions we are attempting to live out?

In order to truly serve Jesus as the King of our lives, we must yield everything over to Him. This is an easy thing to say, not always easy to do. 1 Cor 10:31 says, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” (ESV) Notice how this says “to the glory of God.” Is God glorified by every action that we do?

My wife and I recently quit watching movies and TV shows that we knew were dishonoring God. There are a ton of movies out there that are heavily laced with filthy language and/or sex scenes. What business did I, as a Christian, have with watching that? Was I bringing glory to God? We also took a look at the TV shows we had been watching. A number of them had started including filthy language into the dialogue as well. One example is that we really enjoyed watching the reruns of “Friends.” When we really stopped to think about it, everybody was constantly having an impure sexual relationship with someone, cursing a blue streak, and studying porn. This was not a healthy show for a Christian to be watching.

TV shows and movies are not the only things that we fill our time with that either honor or dishonor God. These were just my examples. Really, we should be looking at every aspect of our lives:

– What we say

– Where we go

– What we do

– Who we are with

The big question is, are we glorifying God, or are we gratifying ourselves?


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