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How We Were Saved

It’s been awhile since I last posted anything. Kyla and I went on vacation for a week to someplace where there was absolutely no technology, like cell phones, computers or email, and it was absolutely great, unless you needed to access any of those modern conveniences. Our vacation was cut a little bit short, it wasn’t quite a week because in the middle of it I fell down and broke my ankle in three places. I’ve been a little busy with doctors and things like that lately.

In my small group at church, we have been reading and discussing the book Soul Revolution by John Burke. In this book, there are a lot of stories from Christians about there conversion to Christ, and the horrible situations they came from, and ultimately overcame. One member of our group said that they had a little bit of envy for that because they had never been in a bad situation to be saved from. When they were saved, it was just from a “regular” life. Someone else echoed that sentiment. I spoke up and said that its still a great testimony. Sure, these people in the book were saved from lives of drug abuse, prison, prostitution, etc. However, some of us can praise The Lord that we never participated in drugs or prostitution, or that we were never in prison, etc.

What are some of your salvation stories? Maybe you had a “horrible situation,” or maybe you were saved from a “regular life.” Tell us your experience.


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