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Lately, I have been reading a lot from the Old Testament.  I did exactly what someone told me not to do, which is probably why I did it.  I started with Genesis 1:1 and am now almost finished with 1 Chronicles.  I won’t lie, 1 Chronicles has been difficult at times.  There’s nothing like a long list of names that are difficult to pronounce that make you want to put the Bible away and go on to something else.  The Lord always throws something in at the right time, though, that catches my attention and makes me want to keep going!

I have found that in the Old Testament, there was periods of conquest.  The Israelites entered into Canaan, and they had to overtake each city.  During the times of the judges and the kings, there was continual battles.  Israel was not always successful.  Joshua chapter 7 tells us that Israel initially lost the battle against Ai because of the sin Achan had committed.

I find that this is true for Christians, today.  The OT is not just a history book for us, but it teaches us how to live our lives.  When we get saved, we have many areas of our hearts and minds that need to be conquered for Christ.  This battle takes place over time, just as the conquests in the OT happened over a long period.  Each battle is fought one at a time, as not to stretch your resources too thin.  Imagine if Israel had fought all of Canaan at once!

We also learn a tremendous lesson from Achan.  If we try to fight the battle, but yet we go half-heartedly due to sin, we are going to lose.


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